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London, with a Little Extra

Make the most of your stay in London. Take your pick from the perks we’ve provided with our carefully chosen partners, giving you attractive savings or exclusive offers at some of the city’s finest stores, one-of-a-kind leisure destinations and must-see sights.

We add to our partner portfolio all the time, often working with independent stores you’ll only find here in London, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself checking out with a little more than you checked in with.

Our Partners

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Self Space

World’s first on-demand mental health service on the High Street.

SEP Jordan

Fashion and lifestyle accessories hand-embroidered by refugees


Mineral water, mixer and filter systems that make a real difference.

Culture A

Curated Art at Montcalm Collection

Luminary Bakery

Life-changing baked goods


Homeware social enterprise

Social Supermarket

Curate products from brands with net-positive impact.


Locally sourced luxury artisanal soap and body care


Meaningful bespoke furniture

Enjoy even more benefits with 

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We are committed to a sustainable future.

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